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Caring, professional, consistent, dedicated, knowledgeable, committed, reliable, lifesaving/extending – those are the adjectives we would use to describe Prolific Motion’s health care trainer Jonathan Leeper . My husband has been under his care for four months, five days a week and he has improved from needing a wheel chair, not being able to roll over
“After having had a total hip replacement, somewhat prematurely, I was very concerned that I would be able to make a complete recovery, and return to a job and lifestyle that required me to be very active and do a considerable amount of travel.  The surgeon told me rehab would be key.  After completing initial
January 2016 Jonathan Leeper provided physical therapy to my wife and me for a 4 month period beginning in May 2015.  We found his assistance to be very professional and supportive.  We both are in our 70s and found that our strength and flexibility had diminished. After a careful assessment, Jonathan began a gradual program
Michael Spreading the Word
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